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Our Mission:

Within the course of everyday living, we believe all of us must set aside a time to be touched by the divine presence. But then, spirituality need not be a holiday from daily life. We are talking about a pious retreat you can attend right at your home. That, in essence, is the concept of Divine TV, an effort of love brought forth from the Lord by Prophet TICHA .

To use official jargon, we are the most accessible and technologically enriched spiritual sanctuary available to every member of the Christian community. But, as we all know, no one is excluded from the divine presence.orld.

Our core value is Life Transformation. Our mission is to lead people into a transforming relationship with Jesus through the GOSPEL. Our DNA is God-centered, Gospel-driven, Jesus-focused, and Spirit-led.

New Life is elder-governed, staff-led, team-oriented, and small-group based. Our weekend services are Christ-exalting, cross-focused, believer-oriented and seeker-aware, and we do team-worship-leading and team teaching, mostly expository.

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